Jake and Ashley Varner [So Serene, Wapakoneta, OH]

Ashley reached out to me a few months after I started up my business professionally… WOW, am I glad she did!

OK, so from the moment we pulled into this venue my jaw was dropped at how beautiful everything was. It was perfect elegance in everything… from the lake, the marble, the dress, the colors to the florals (the florals y’all, we had a connection). It was a hidden dream oasis in the middle of the cornfields of Ohio.

I absolutely loved that from the moment I got there I could just see the happiness in all of the family and friends faces. Everyone helped one another to get things ready and perfect for the day! Ashley, my dear bride, was literally the most care free bride I’ve been around. She totally trusted my vision for the day and was down with literally WHATEVER! As long as she married her man at the end of the day, she was happy! And Jake, what a sweet guy. All I heard from everyone’s lips all day long was that he was the type of guy that would do anything for you. (and that shows when EVERYONE is saying it!) Oh, and these people are die hard OSU fans. They  incorporated their Ohio State love into everything, it was so fun!

Thank you Ashley and Jake for letting Chris and I be apart of one of the most sacred days of your lives ❤

Kylee T.










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