Steve and Tonya Klein – Pretty Prairie Farm

June 30, 2018 was a HOT but gorgeous day for a wedding! There are a few places tucked in rural Champaign county that make one catch their breath when arriving at the venue like Pretty Prairie Farm.  This Farm was a perfect choice to celebrate the marriage of a beautiful bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Klein (or anyone, we highly recommend this venue;)).  When arriving to the venue, we were first was taken back by the barn, beautifully decorated, tables set, flowers arranged, and ready for set piece pictures to capture the hard work and creativity the family and friends had given to make this a great place for the reception.  After seeing the barn, it was off to snap some shots of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready for the ceremony and MAN were they beautiful!  It was a unique opportunity to capture an elegant and beautiful bride, her mama and her girls in a vintage, very well kept, house.  However, the next event may have been one of the most memorable, as the Tonya walked out of the front door to meet her father for the first look, to exchange gifts, tears, and hugs. (Lots of tears from Kylee too :p)

The ceremony was definitely a hot one, but seeing adorable flower girls, ring bearer, and the bride pulled through the trees behind her favorite Ford tractor was only worth it. The following few hours flew by, finding places to hide from the sunlight to shoot the family pictures, moving to the barn to for the reception and wow, I have to mention the  delicious maple bacon cake!  The last half hour was a great way to end the evening, when the sunset was just right, we snuck out to capture this radiant couple with the glow of the evening sun behind them, through the trees, under the pergola, and yes, by the tractor 🙂

Chris and Kylee





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